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Back in stock ..... The Moonraker MT-270M dual band mobile transceiver
This amazing transceiver is super compact with an amazing 25W output and at a price you wont believe - Super Moonraker value!


Last few left - 3D Airnav Box Originally £489.95
If you have always been interested in planes but put off by the price of an AirNav box then now is the time to buy !! Now 80% off - limited offer and limited stock

SAVE £370.00


In Stock ..... The new Baofeng GT-3 dual band handheld transceiver
Building on the success of the UV-5R+ this new addition will be a smash hit for sure - Including a FREE earpiece and FREE cigar power lead its just great value!


In Stock ..... The Kenwood TS-590SG
When the TS-590S arrived four years ago it put Kenwood back on the map! Now with this revised version this will continue the sucess


In stock - MRW-500SR Handheld Antenna
You own a Wouxun or Boafeng and want to get the best out of your radio ? Then look no further - Two antenna's for one price !


In stock the PS23SWI Switch Mode Power Supply
This is a convection cooled switching mode power supply designed specifically for radio use. It is exceptionally immune to Radio Frequency interference at close range Heat is dissipated from the heat sink and the aluminium base for efficient natural cooling. INTRO PRICE

SAVE £10.00


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