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Alinco DJ-MD5 Dualband DMR & Analogue Transceiver


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Alinco DJ-MD5 Dualband DMR & Analogue Transceiver
Handheld Transceiver

An exciting compact, Dual Band DMR & Analogue Transceiver
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An exciting compact, Dual Band DMR & Analogue Transceiver

Key Features:

  • Selectable output power 5W/2.5W/1W/0.2W

  • 4000 channels, 250 zones, 250 scan lists

  • Displays DMR ID, Call sign, Name and Geographical info.

  • VOX built-in

  • Allows CSV export/import of setting parameters

  • Easy import of DMR contact database (entire world wide)

  • Single or dual channel selectable

  • FM Broadcasting receiver with 100 memory channels and VFO

  • Manually programmable Side and Hot keys.

  • Automatic date and time calibration by GPS (TGP,EGP models)

Bar Code/EAN:
The best dual band FM/DMR ‘handie’?
I purchased this radio as an upgrade to my TYT MD380. In my research I was impressed with the features offered at the price point.
The quality of the radio is typical of what I have come to expect from Alinco. It’s a tough well built radio. I would describe it a short and stout or ‘dumpy’. Mine has already been knocked of my desk by one of my cats and hasn’t suffered any damage of marks.
The receive audio is excellent in with even DMR voices sounding near human. The transmitted audio is good according to on air reports I have received.
Battery life from the 1700mAh Li-ion battery is superb. Switching the radio on first thing in the morning, using it (TX & RX) on my way to work, listening all day at work. Then a repeat of the mourning in only going home and then using the radio all evening. This result in the battery still having a third of its capacity. I drop it in the base charger before I go to bed and it’s ready to go again the following morning.
I was disappointed with the very slim supplied printed manual. It might as well not be in the box. However, Moonracker do provide a CD with electronic manual in PDF along with the programming software, PC drivers and a guide to DMR.
Moonraker also supply a very comprehensive ‘codeplug’ that is preprogrammed on the radio. With this codeplug you are well set to use the radio in any part of the UK on both FM and DMR. I am making subtle changes to the codeplug to more suit the what I want.
The codeplug programming software requires that you have a Windows PC. The radio does come supplied with a USB to micro USB programming lead. The PC drivers installed very quickly, however I struggled as I’m not a native Windows user. The Alinco programming application works well both reading the radio and uploading any changes. That said, I’m still trying to get my head around the way Alinco organise ‘things’. I’m more used to the simplistic approach used by TYT. I’m persisting and will get the better of it.
I would recommend watching several of the YouTube videos uploaded by users of the MD5. In conjunction with the PDF manual I learnt a lot about the radio’s basic functions.

What I like (so far):
Bright screen, one of the best I have ever seen.
Size, fits in a pocket and my hand with ease.
Audio quality (both RX and TX).
Battery life.
Supplied drop in charger.
Versatility and features.

What I’m not so keen on (so far):
Lack of a printed manual.
The Alinco codeplug structure.
Lack of programming software for any operating system other than Windows.

I recommend this radio to anyone wanting a comprehensive dual band Analogue/DMR ‘handi talky’. I don’t think you will get a better featured radio for the price. Moonraker’s supplied codeplug will have you up and running in short time.

Review by MISH / (Posted on 19/05/2019)