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Alpha Antenna 6-80M LT-FMJ ANTENNA


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Alpha Antenna 6-80M LT-FMJ ANTENNA
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Alpha Antenna 6-80M LT-FMJ ANTENNA
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The Alpha LT-FMJ HF Antenna is an ultra-portable multiband Military 2.0 type system rated at 500W PEP SSB fits in an included 16 inch Field Bag. This multipurpose antenna that is pre-tuned requires no moving clips on coils or readjusting of whips for tuning. You may also use an external antenna tuner if your antenna is installed over a poor ground or not placed in a clear area.

Purpose: When fully deployed with the NVIS, Vertical & Grounded Counterpoise elements, the antenna system can be configured to launch your signal at your target in the opposite direction the NVIS element is run. For an omnidirectional signal pattern, you may remove the NVIS element.

Installation Note: Never Remove or Loosen any of the Bolts, Washers, Nuts, or Caps on the Alpha Match.

History: Years of perfecting the manufacturing process has enabled Alpha Antenna to offer the worlds most refined & resilient antenna, which is now in use by NASA and military forces around the globe. (Ref. Capabilities Statement )

Function: For targeted rapid deployment of ALE/Digital/CW/SSB/AM modes. The multiband Military 2.0 FMJ enhances high band DX with the Vertical MilStick element while low band Near Vertical Incident Skywave is simultaneously enhanced with the NVIS element, per the antenna model at the bottom of this page.

Deployment Options: A) Base Camp, B) Portable, C) Mobile, and D) Manpack.


  • 1 - 16x4x4 inch Compact bag holds all of the following, but not the optional tripods

  • 1 - Alpha Match encased in a FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) 316 Stainless Steel and weather proof housing that shields all internal components from all RFI (Radio Frequency Interference).

  • 1 - MilStick whip made from .433" thick 13" aluminum sections

  • 1 - 8' ground wire with ground stake

  • 1 - QUICK Deployment Riser on Stainless Steel Jaw Mount=No loose hardware

  • 1 - 25' NVIS element wire with green insulator and removal stake


  • • Frequency: 6M – 80M

  • • Power: 500W SSB (200 CW or 100W Digital)

  • • RF Connection: SO-239
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