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Alpha Antenna 6-80M HD-FMJ Portable HF Antenna


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Alpha Antenna 6-80M HD-FMJ Portable HF Antenna
Alpha Antennas

Directional Multiband System definition: A complete directional 500W PEP SSB multipurpose antenna, which can be configured to launch your signal as circumstances require from 6 through 80 metres. 

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The Alpha HD-FMJ (Heavy Duty Full Metal Jacket) system is a complete 6-80 meter multiband 500 watt PEP SSB multipurpose HF antenna that is pre-tuned and requires no moving clips on coils or readjusting of whips for tuning. You may also use an external antenna tuner if your antenna is installed over a poor ground or not placed in a clear area.

Purpose -When fully deployed with the NVIS, Vertical & Grounded Counterpoise elements, the Alpha ‘FMJ’ antenna system can be configured to launch your signal at your target in the opposite direction the NVIS element is run. For an omnidirectional signal pattern, you may remove the NVIS element.


  • 1 - 41x7.5x7.5 inch padded Expedition Bag that holds all of the following:

  • 1 - 6 foot Heavy Duty (HD) aluminum tripod (for extended deployments)

  • 1 - 13 feet 1 1/2 inch .433 OD MilStick whip made from 26 inch section aluminum elements

  • 1 - Alpha Match encased in a FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) 316 Stainless Steel and weather proof housing that shields all internal components from all RFI (Radio Frequency Interference).

  • 1 - 25' NVIS element wire rated from -40 to +75 degrees Celsius, with little or no memory that also includes a green insulator and removable stake on the distal end.

  • 1 - 8' ground wire with ground stake

Key Specifications

  • Frequency: 6M – 80M

  • Power: 500W SSB (200 CW or 100W Digital)

  • RF Connection: SO-239

Additional deployment configurations using included or optional components:

  • Vehicle (Mobile & Stationary)

  • Balcony

  • Man-Pack

  • Vertical, Horizontal, and Sloper

  • Inverted “V” & Inverted “L”

  • NVIS


No changing of switches, jumpers or coils are required for touch free operations.

No Guying - The HD-FMJ Tripod wraps around and protects the antenna system when stored. This tripod has built in talons at the base of each leg that can be pressed into the ground with a built-in heel step at the base of each tripod leg. This enables the tripod to be used in most common environmental conditions without guy wires.

Directional - Unique also to only to the Alpha Multiband Antenna line of systems is a directional antenna system for international DX communications that also enhances NVIS (Near Vertical Incident Skywave) for stateside communications.

The Alpha Match - Before assembly, the inner wall of the stainless steel housing is lined with a dielectric, then the transformer is placed inside the housing. This is what gives the Alpha Match both the capacitive and inductive balance once the elements are installed. The main difference between legacy designs, which are black and made of either a plastic Delrin or PVC, is that those older designs do not have capacitive characteristics. This is what enables the Alpha Match to balance the entire antenna system once the elements are installed. It is important to note that the Alpha Match housing is made of 316 stainless steel, which has non-magnetic characteristics to eliminate eddy currents.

The MilStick Whip - The composite of the .433 inch diameter MilStick whip is a high strength, high quality, aerospace 7075-T9 alloy 13 feet long. The construction of each element has a scratch-resistant hard-anodized surface. This surface is fully removed from each insert and also removed 2.5 inches inside each element. The inserts are then electrically bonded, where full contact RF continuity and connectivity is used to ensure maximum efficiencies are achieved. At the base of the whip an embedded 8740 Steel (chrome moly) cadmium plated stud supports the MilStick on the Alpha Match.

The Wiring Used -Sheathed memory free wiring is used, which is rated for temperatures from -40°C to +75°C. VS. Wiring that is so light duty that it can be wrapped around a kite string holder.

The Padded Field Bag -Made from 600D nylon with embroidered logo and with high quality zippers. This highly customized bag has a padded front pocket and a padded larger inner compartment, plus a shoulder strap with padded shoulder pad.

Gain and Elevation/Azimuth patterns
>p>Although the Alpha FMJ Antenna has directionality, it does not have more gain than a resonant vertical that in and of itself would have no more than -1.1 dBd of gain.

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