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AOR DA-5000 Compact Discone Antenna


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AOR DA-5000 Compact Discone Antenna

Professionally constructed ‘compact’ discone


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The DA5000 is a professionally constructed 'compact' discone aerial for the upper UHF frequency range of 700MHz to 3GHz (3,000MHz).

The top section comprises of 16 horizontal elements and the lower section has eight radials mounted on a solid stub terminated in a N-type socket.

The construction is largely of brass (BsBM) accounting for its weight of 700g, it is finished in a military grey colour. The overall length from the top elements to the N-socket is about 240mm with the overall top diameter being 82mm and each radial 100mm long.

Termination is via a N-socket which is housed within the stub-mast to keep adverse weather out. Use of quality 50 OHM coaxial cable is essential, at least URM67 or RG213 for short lengths and even better quality for longer cable runs.

Avoid touching the horizontal elements, improper handling of the horizontal elements will degrade the aerial's performance. Due to theexacting method of construction, it is not possible to replace components which are mishandled and accidentally damaged by the customer.

The DA5000 is supplied with an aluminium stub-mast of 32mm diameter and 400mm in length, clamps to secure the aerial / stub-mast / support pole (support pole not included), 'V' brackets are also included which accept a support pole of 25mm - 50mm diameter.


  • Frequency coverage 700MHz - 3GHz (3,000MHz)

  • Aerial gain (max) 2.5dB (see plot) vertical omni-directional

  • Impedance 50 OHM

  • Termination N-socket, female

  • Horizontal elements 16, overall top diameter 82mm

  • Radials 8, 100mm long, overall outer diameter 145mm

  • Overall height 240mm

  • Wind resistance up to 40m/S (theoretical)

  • Stub-mast 32mm diameter, 400mm long

  • Support pole size 25mm - 50mm (not included)

  • Coaxial cable Use low loss (not supplied)

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