Loads of used stock Just arrived!

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Just arrived if anything takes your fancy give us a call

FT-900            HF Mobile                                

FT-847            Multiband Base                     

FTDX1200     HF base radio                          

FT-950            HF Base                                     

IC-706MK1    HF 6 & 2 Mobile                     

IC-706MK11G    HF 6  2  & 70 Mobile       

FT-857D  HF 6  2  & 70 Mobile                      

FT-897D with ATU & PSU                             

FT-817 Portable radio                                    

FT-817 Portable Radio                                    

FT-450 HF radio                                                 

FT-450D  HF radio                                            

FT-991        Multi Band Radio                       

TS2000X     Multi Band Radio                       

MFJ-945      Mobile ATU                                

MD-100       Desk Mic                                      

MD-100       Desk Mic                                      

MD-60A      Desk Mic                                      

MD-200       Desk Mike                                  

AT-588  Mobile 4 metre radio                    

FT-7900 Mobile Dual Band                          

FT-1500 Mobile 2m FM                                 

AT200 ATU                                                         

SCU-17 interface                                            

Tokyo Hi Power HC-400L ATU                   

AVAIR AV600 SWR                                         

AVAIR AV200 SWR                                         

MFJ259C    Analyser