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Icom seem to have stolen the limelight at Tokyo Hamradio 2019 !

Click the picture for the official Icom UK video

Tokyo Hamradio is the premier show for manufacturers to present new amateur radio products.

Our man in Japan has been at the show and called me at 4:45 am UK time to read me the brochure of this ground breaking new radio. We will update the pictures and details as we get official information from Icom UK but for now here is what we know.

Icom have Launched the IC-705 and they are launching another new product later today. I will update as we get more details.

The IC-705 is born

Preliminary specifications

  • 144/430 MHz bands
  • HF – 6M 70MHz on UK version
  • 5 Watts with Internal Battery (BP-272 Li-ion)
  • 10 Watts with External Power Source
  • All mode transceiver (SSB,CW,RTTY,AM,FM & DV)
  • Bluetooth connecivity for connetion to smartphone or Bluetooth headsets
  • Wireless Lan built in for remote control
  • GPS antenna for GPS Logger ,Repeater search and D-STAR TX/RX of GPS data
  • SD card slot for Voice recording,Firmware updates,GPS logging and config saving/loading
  • Supplied with a VHF/UHF Whip antenna
  • Supplied with a speaker microphone
  • Optional Backpack LC-192 for field operations
  • Wideband receive from medium wave to 144 band including airband and Broadcast FM
  • Large colour touch screen (Same size as the one used in the IC-7300/9700
  • Compact size 20cm*8cm*8.5cm weighing 1kg with battery installed
  • External connectors for Send/ALC,Tuner,CW Key,Micro USB,BNC antenna,Speaker mic,Micro SD & Earth terminal.