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Icom SM SM-50 - Desktop Microphone

Product Review (submitted on 11 November 2019):
This is a typical Icom product, which is well built. The SM-50 is used for the Icom 7610 & 9700 though an MFJ mic switch. The results on 9700 have been great, with hams saying the audio is “BBC quality”, then on HF, the same, with most saying “whatever settings you have, DON’T TOUCH IT ”. So that’s what I’ve done, just plugged it in, bent the goose neck to the right height and pressed the PPT button. I have sauced a nice black foam pop cover to slip on the mic. The base is nice and heavy, so will not fall over, and the PTT lock button is great for long overs, where you want to walk around the shack while talking, and yes the mic works great at 2 meters way with little or no loss in volume.