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Inrico T320 4G/Wifi Network Handheld Radio


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Inrico T320 4G/Wifi Network Handheld Radio
Professional Mobile Radio

This radio is cellular so works like a walkie talkie but uses the cellular network as a repeater!

This means hand held to hand held or handheld to mobile communications around the world.

Please note this radio does not transmit on the amateur bands

Running on Android you can make this as simple or as complex as you like.

Special Price £149.99

Regular Price: £169.99

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19 Reviews

Please note drop in charger is an optional extra

This radio is cellular so works like a walkie talkie but uses the cellular network as a repeater!

This means hand held to hand held or handheld to mobile comms around the world.

Companies like ID offer a suitable sim with EU roaming from £3.99 a month or if you are in the UK Freedompop is available otherwise you can use it on Wifi!

Using Apps like Zello & Teamspeak you can talk privately for just the cost of your sim!

Please note this radio does not transmit on the amateur bands

For the Radio amateur you can link to many networks using the International Radio Network.

For the non amateur think of it as well behaved CB with worldwide coverage or Private 1 to 1 calls!

For the private use all the advantages of cell phone coverage while looking professional

Please note this version uses unlocked Android and allows you to fully utilise the PTT functions

Key Features:

  • Intelligent Global Intercom

  • More than 80 Hours standby time

  • Dual chamber speaker to give Enhanced audio

  • GPS built in

  • Camera Built in

  • Micro 5 pin data line

  • Supports MP3 & MP4

  • 2.4 inch High Quality Screen

  • Extended memory up to 32GB

  • Waterproof IP54

Bar Code/EAN:
Good Network Radio
Tidy little unit that works well on Zello and EchoLink. Some minor issues on the screen but nothing game ending. Would recommend. Review by Kelvin / (Posted on 21/10/2020)
This is Great
Just had this for a week, first time on Zello I am really impressed. Many contacts local and DX, made a lot of new radio friends. The radio works well easy to use and a must if you are out and about with no facilities for a radio with antenna.
The build quality is excellent, and really good back up from Chris and the staff at Moonraker. Review by Winston / (Posted on 22/08/2020)
I own three network radios and this is by far the best in terms of audio and build quality, the only negative in my opinion is the size of the screen which can be difficult to view without my specs. Other than that... fantastic! Review by ANDY / (Posted on 30/04/2020)
An excellent bit of kit
I had one of these before and sold it to a friend of mine, intending to do Zello on my phone. But I missed the ptt so I just bought another one. Moonraker supply these 'debloated' so if you want this to be really simple, simple is what you can have.

The T320 is very solid, a huge capacity battery and it works really well. Yes the screen is too small, and yes, the minimum volume is too loud. But with lockdown here, and me working at home, I am really enjoying Zello again. I am using wifi, but I will stick a sim in when the powers that be say I can go out to play again.
The T320 is an excellent piece of kit. Get one; you won't regret it Review by Tony G7ETW / (Posted on 27/04/2020)
I own 3 different network radios and this is by far the best for audio and build quality. Antenna detaches to allow connection of an external one. Review by ANDY / (Posted on 25/04/2020)
Hobby Saving Radio
Some may say it’s not a real radio...
I’m not going to get into whether it is or not. All I can say is this radio kept Amateur Radio alive for me. I live in a house with no back garden and in an area that doesn’t allow any external antennas. Add into the mix I have problems with mobility, it all adds up to no antennas of any real use.
I have to add in the state of the amateur bands. Both 2M and 70cm are very quiet locally. HF is a non starter for me.
When I learn about Network Radio or POC I saw it as an immediate life saver. I tried the Zello app out on my phone for a weekend and was sold on the mode. Monday morning I ordered a T320.
The radio has performed faultlessly for just about a year now. I use it with Zello and Peanut. I have tried Teamspeak and EchoLink everything works fine.
I have had no faults with the ‘320’ and have very much enjoyed using and experimenting with it. Would I replace it? Yes with another T320 if I ever need to. Review by Mish G0JIW / (Posted on 22/04/2019)
Great Bit Of Kit
I purchased this as big antennas are an issue where I live and I was missing ham radio. It arrived quickly and was well packaged. On first look the radio is well made and certainly feels very sturdy. Opening the back to install a sim and SD card was a bit tricky bit I got there in the end. Once it was all set up, about 15 min later, I was on the "bands" with Zello and echo link.
The audio is quite loud and I don't seam to be having any issues with distortion etc. In transmit I am getting good reports on the quality of the audio as well.
I spent about 2 hours on the bands last night (on wifi) and the battery only dropped 20%.
I think that this is a great addition to my radio kit and has it's place in the world, I spent a while on the bands last night with a man who was disabled and unable to leave his house and is not able to install and antenna on his house, this is his way to communicate with the outside world.
I love this device, it has got me hooked.
I also purchased the EE 6gb sim from moonraker and it works very well on the 3g / 4g network I have here.
Review by Nigel / (Posted on 03/02/2019)
Glad I bought one
I recently took all my antennas down and sold of my HF equipment as a block of flats next door to me was causing so much interference for one reason or another. Anyway, I originally had the Zello software on my phone and got on with it but wanted the convenience of the PTT; so I ordered one. Delivery was quick and I was up and running in about in about 10 minutes with some help from the team at Moonraker (thanks guys). I have been contacting all over the world and I am glad I bought one. It has got me active again in the world of radio. Review by Mike - M3ZZA / (Posted on 14/12/2018)
Only recently found out about network radio put it on computer and listened,that was it,bought the T320 last week now thinking about the headset.As has been said you need fingers like a pencil and some good binoculars to read screen but i am really happy and recommend. Review by Ted / (Posted on 02/12/2018)
Brilliant service
Great radio, when fully set up. Thanks to Andy at Moonraker for excellent service Review by Frank,G7thi / (Posted on 27/10/2018)
I can not fault either the service of Moonraker or the build quality of the radio.
It was delivered then ext day pay by parcel force, and I had it working on "Zello" c/o my
WIFI network within 10 minutes maximum. The hardest part was remembering my password ! !
The ONLY downside as some may have moaned about is the size of the characters if you have big fingers like me - Simple answer - use a stylus from your PDA - problem sorted - Its not the radios fault....
Got to go as I am having fun having QSO with "VK" land and San Franciso - no fade - no QRN OR QRM to worry about
Simple but contentiousness message to the "Old timers" --- GET OVER IT - USE IT - YOU WILL BE SURPRISED...radio MUST move on, or simply fade away like our signals. Yes its not for everyone - BUT the same applies to Morse, AM, SSB, DStar, DMR..
Our hobby is about experimenting and we need some new fresh blood ! ! Review by Dave_B / (Posted on 19/08/2018)
Well I dived in at last and grabbed the T320 and am amazed at the quality of the radio and the way it works top class.
The guys at the Woburn Sand store helped and got me on the right track explaining it all and with excellent service and support I have happily got into the scene.

Thanks guys very good service with a great product cheers guys. Review by Dazzer / (Posted on 13/08/2018)
Great handheld network radio
Amazing value, great audio quality, IP54 shower-proof, very neat little handheld mobile network radio providing license exempt global communications for all radio enthusiasts using Zello(and other android PTT apps). Works well with bluetooth earpiece/headsets using bluetooth 'media button' clipped to steering wheel in car or on bike handlebars. Works very well with bluetooth keyboard. Can be used at extended range from cell towers well beyond 'normal mobile phone range' with high gain external antennas. (I use mine regularly 6+ miles from nearest cell tower out on mountain bike in rural Ayrshire) T320 performs well as one node on private wireless mesh network with TM-7 and friends phones in areas beyond cellular network coverage across Ayrshire and the Galloway Hills. I often use the T320 as 4G-to-WiFi hotspot in the shack with excellent results. Licensed radio amateurs can also use Echolink and IRN (Teamspeak) via 3G/4G cellular network or WiFi internet connections. Review by Hairy Paul 108FB303 / (Posted on 29/07/2018)
Network radio
Well made and works perfectly. I was up and chatting within minutes. Highly recommended. If you are able to visit the store they have demo units to try and no hard sales. Review by Roger / (Posted on 27/07/2018)
What a cracking radio. Sound quality is superb. I use it in lorry and the speaker is loud enough not to need external speaker. I seem to be using this more than the other digital modes.Well recommended, and up to now I have not heard any thing negative about this radio Review by GM0ROU / (Posted on 14/07/2018)
Great solid rig
For the price this is very good value. Similar downs to others - the size of the screen for a 78 year old is on the small side but saying that there is not much to 'press' once it's all set up, and in setting you can enlarge and adjust.. The one down I had was the speaker being very loud even at min. vol. but I have resolved this by purchasing a mic to fit the waterproof connection on the right-hand side (Ama...!!) there were a couple of issues if you are running Zello with any other app e.g. Teamspeak3 or Echolink - if say Echolink is being used as soon as you press the PTT Zello pops up – not very good!. This was resolved by uninstalling Zello Walkie Talkie (latest version) from Google Play – several review had the same ‘problem’ using smartphones as well, and installing a previous version 3.53 ( https://zello-walkie-talkie.en.uptodown.com/android/download/1469693 ) were you can assign a different key for PTT.

On the plus side it's well made and rugged, solid build and has super audio quality. I have only used it on 'Ham' groups as I am a licensed amateur. I have had a quick listen to non-ham groups and the conduct seems to be very good (most have moderators) , Good buy would recommend. Review by Oregonjohn / (Posted on 27/06/2018)
Fantastic hand-held network radio!
This is my first foray into hand-held network radio, having recently started using Zello and TeamSpeak on my PC. The Inrico T320 is a very high quality unit (not sure what one of the reviewers was expecting, but at the price this is as good as, or better than, many PMR business radios in terms of build quality). It's *not* perfect... the loudspeaker is back-firing (rather than front-mounted), the volume knob is slightly erratic in some circumstances (which appears to be a minor firmware / software issue), volume steps are a little crude, minimum volume could be a tad lower for late night listening, and the small-ish screen - for folks like me with fat fingers - takes some getting used to... But those minor niggles count for little when you consider the price. It's really an incredible device. Battery life is amazing, too. I'm running mine via wifi at home, and using a data-only SIM for mobile / portable operation, which works brilliantly. Audio quality, both transmit and receive, is excellent. I couldn't be happier with the unit, nor with the support I've received from Moonraker. Highly recommended! Review by M0CQG / (Posted on 23/06/2018)
Got one
Hi I bought one and I quite happy with it and I does what it says on the tin but it does have some very small down sides ie the screen size is one if you have good eyesight then great but if you don’t good luck very fiddly and if you drop it guess that antenna won’t last long the plastic body ok but I don’t think in my option will take to many drops shame no case but for the price and if you like me and only for odd trip out it’s fine can’t wait for the next bunch of this type of equipment. Review by Steve / (Posted on 16/06/2018)
Superb piece of technology!
Absolutely superb piece of technology that I am really pleased with. Useful addition to the shack and being portable means I can take it anywhere and do some ham radio. Build quality is 10/10. Superior to anything I've ever owned before. Sturdy chasis. Looks the part too. Would recommend. Review by Johnny Boy / (Posted on 09/04/2018)