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MD-7400 Multiband 7-440 MHz Wideband Mobile Antenna

Product Review (submitted on 14 June 2017):
I purchased this not for mobile but, for compact portable working. I was intrigued with the tapped coal arrangement for multiband use.
I made a bracket to fit my camera tripod and added a counterpoise. on the analyser,, all bands from 7 to 50mhz would tune to a workable level.
I heard a strong station on 20 metres and after failing to make contact on the whizzloop, swithed to this one and made the contact on the first try with 5w.
It will always be a compromise but, if its all you can put up, its a lot cheaper than the mp1 and you can still use it mobile.
Only downside, i don't think the pastic tape that indicates the measurement will not last long. I used a small length of wood to mark the measurements to tune it an the bands i wanted.
It makes a good portable antenna. may even modify it to work from a backpack.