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MFJ-1204D8 - For 8-Pin DIN Data / Acc Port Connector

MFJ-1204D8 - For 8-Pin DIN Data / Acc Port Connector
Amateur Radio Equipment

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Includes radio interface cable (8-PIN DIN)

Sign up for the digital revolution and explore a whole new world of amateur radio excitement using MFJ`s universal USB radio interface!

The new MFJ-1204 USB Radio Interface is exceptionally easy to setup and use. However, simplicity doesn`t mean compromised performance. Here are just a few of the MFJ-1204`s advanced features:

  • Full USB connectivity

  • Powered by USB port

  • Dedicated on-board sound card

  • Quick plug-and-play connectivity

  • Incredibly easy to adjust and operate

  • Works with all digital modes

  • Dozens of free downloadable programs

  • Innovative circuitry eliminates delay control

  • Complete line of interface cables

  • Low cost, small size, light weight

  • Perfect for base station, portable, or "go-kit" applications

Ham radio`s digital era continues to expand as new modes emerge, and the good news is you don`t need to buy a lot of fancy new equipment to join the fun! All it takes is your existing radio, a computer, some free downloadable software, and a soundcard-equipped USB interface like the MFJ-1204 to get started.

The MFJ-1204 stands out because it is faster to set up and easier to use than any other USB-interface on the market. Initial no-solder jumpers take only a second to install, and once in place, they`re locked in until you decide to change radios. To hook up, simply connect the MFJ-1204 to any free USB port on your computer and plug the appropriate interface cable into the back of your radio. That`s it! No need to disconnect the microphone or fumble around with multiple patch cords to get started. Convenient front-panel controls set Receive and Transmit levels, and there`s no front-panel "Delay" to adjust because the MFJ-1204 controls your radio`s PTT line using a unique internal detector circuit.

The MFJ-1204 supports virtually every data and digital-voice mode available today. You can transmit and receive using traditional modes such as CW, RTTY, SSTV, AMTOR, PSK31, and EchoLink, or explore newer modes like MT-63, WINMOR, WSPR, and WSJT-X. In fact, new experimental modes are emerging all the time. If your radio can pass the signal and your computer can run the mode`s online software, the MFJ-1204 sound card and your computer will handle the rest!

In addition to the MFJ-1204 interface, MFJ offers a complete line of patch cables to fit all radios equipped with rear-panel Data and Accessory jacks. Just select the one configured for your radio, plug it in, and go. The signal path between the radio and computer is completely isolated against ground loops and common-mode noise.

Whether you`re thinking about exploring digital operation for the first time or a seasoned veteran, you`ll find the compact MFJ-1204 exceptionally user-friendly and simple to use. Sometimes the best things really do come in small boxes!

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