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MFJ-2012 - 40/20/10/6M,1.5kwOCFD PowerLite Dipole


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MFJ-2012 - 40/20/10/6M,1.5kwOCFD PowerLite Dipole
Di Pole & Halo Loop Antennas
Power-Lite™ for 40, 20, 10 and 6 Meters, handles maximum legal limit 1500 Watts PEPCW/SSB.

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Power-Lite™ for 40, 20, 10 and 6 Meters, handles maximum legal limit 1500 Watts PEPCW/SSB.

This is the robust high-power version of the MFJ-2010 with 14-gauge stranded copper wire and porcelain end insulators. Pull-tested to 200 pounds.

Engineered from the ground up, innovative new antennas by K1BQT break traditional OCFD design barriers to deliver wider bandwidth, lower SWR, solid gain, and full-frequency agility without a tuner!

How good are they? W4ILV bought an MFJ-2012 and wrote EHAM, . . . the best wire antenna I've ever used! We think you'll agree, and here's why:

Highest Efficiency: Full-sized radiator with MatchmakerTM feed block that tests over 98-percent efficient. All your power gets radiated!

Best Match: NEC-modeled element delivers the same feed-point impedance on every band. Innovative new transformer designs yield exact ratio needed for a great match.

Super Balun: OCFDs need good baluns to block feedline radiation. Built-in bifilar-wound Guanella current-choke has over 30 dB of common-mode rejection on all bands. Kills pattern irregularities, RFI, noise.

Real Gain: Delivers a 6-dBi ground-rein-forced dipole pattern on the fundamental and a 9-dBi full-wave cloverleaf on the second harmonic. You get an amazing (up to) 11.5 dBi peak gain on higher bands.

Height Compensation: Element feedpoints are compensated for typical mounting height, so you always get lowest possible SWR on all bands!

Frequency Compensation: Normally, a OCFD cut for 3.85 MHz resonates on 7.7 MHz. Ourunique OCFD design resonates mid-band on both 75/40!

Built to Last: UV-resistant marine-ABS feedblocks, stainless hardware, and Teflon® SO-238 connector ensure maximum protection from the environment.

Easy-to-Install: Installs in flat-top or inverted-Vset-up, feedblock has attachment points for tower or tree support. Suggested height is 35-70 feet.

Low Cost: Outperforms multi-band vertical antennas by a wide margin for an unbelievable fraction of the cost!

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