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MFJ-260C - DL 0-650 MHz 300W


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MFJ-260C - DL 0-650 MHz 300W
Dummy Loads

MFJ-260C is a classic 300 watts dry dummy load with SO239 fitting


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MFJ-260C is a classic 300 watts dry dummy load with SO239 fitting


Key Features/Specifications:

  • Frequency Range 0-650MHz

  • Power Rating 300W

  • 50 Ohms

  • Connector SO-239 (N-type also available)

  • Size 180 x 57 x 63mm

  • Weight 450g

  • PLEASE NOTE Handles 300W for 30 seconds and lower powers proportionally longer.

Bar Code/EAN:
MFJ-260C 300W DUMMY LOAD - Inside the box
I needed a good dummy load for some basic calibration testing and decided on using the MFJ-260C 300W Dummy Load. It looks presentable in its small and compact enclosure. Some people have pointed out that the metal work is repainted and loses some of its paint finish when placed through the sheet metal bender during manufacturing. This resulted in the radius edges showing signs of paint flaking after a while. It’s not too bad but always try to look at the unit when purchasing. On closer inspection there were a few aluminium filings from the assembly process still inside the unit. Just make sure you shake any debris out of the unit before placing it on top of your nice new £7000 transceiver!
The unit contains a single resistive element comprising what looks like a ceramic tube. The element is held in place by mechanical spring clips at either end and protected by an aluminium guard that shields it from direct contact (should you remove the unit’s outer case). This is not a wire wound component. There are NO solder connections to fail when the load heats up. On measurement of the load from the SO239 connector it measured 52 Ohms not the stated 50Ohm +-10%. Although the load resistor inside the unit is accurate to +-10% it does not take into account the resistance of the return path through the aluminium plate back to the SO239 connector housing. So watch out for this if using this unit to calibrate accurately. If you’re just using it as a basic 50 Ohm load then it will do the job! Just remember to pay attention to the nice handy de-rating graphic printed on the end of the unit.
All in all the unit is simple and compact and should survive being bounced about.
Review by 2E0RFI / (Posted on 16/05/2013)

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