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MFJ-5510C* - 12vdc Cig Lighter Cable for MFJ Acc


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MFJ-5510C* - 12vdc Cig Lighter Cable for MFJ Acc
Power Plugs & Adaptors
MFJ-5510C* - 12vdc Cig Lighter Cable for MFJ Acc

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HF Power Cords
MFJ-5535Replaces HF radio power cord at a fraction of the original cost. Two super-flex, 12 gauge, multi-strand, soft wires 8’length. Two in-line fuses/holders. Keyed plug prevents reverse polarity. For 6-pin type Yaesu, Icom, Kenwood, others.
MFJ-5535MSame as MFJ-5535 but with Anderson PowerPoles
MFJ-5535CSame as MFJ-5535 HF power cord but has cigarette lighter plug. No fuse/holder.
MFJ-5538Heavy duty replacement power cable for IC-7000, Kenwood TS-480, and compatibles. Keyed plug prevents reverse polarity. 4-pin, 9 foot,12 gauge, red/black flex cord, inline fuses/holders.
MFJ-5538MSame as MFJ-5538 but with Anderson Powerpoles™
MFJ-5538CSame as MFJ-5538 but with cigarette lighter plug. No fuse/holder.
VHF/UHF Power Cords
MFJ-5512Two super-flex, 14 gauge, 15’ multi-strand, soft wires. In-line fuse/holder. T-connector. Yaesu, Icom, Kenwood, Alinco.
MFJ-5512MSame as MFJ-5512 but with Anderson Powerpoles™
MFJ-5515CVHF/UHF power cable. Cigarette lighter for car, T-connector for rig. Built-in 20A fuse. 3’. Most mobiles
MFJ-5515MCigarette lighter plug & PowerPolesTM gives DC output from car. 2 flex 12 gauge multi-strand, soft wires, 7’
DC Accessory Cables
MFJ-5510CLighter plug w/2.1 mm coaxial. Power 12 VDC accessories, 3 A
MFJ-5513M2.1 mm plug and PowerPolesTM DC ouput, 12VDC accessories.
MFJ-5513Three foot, 2.1 mm pigtail cable for most MFJ accessories.
MFJ-5514MOpen #10 ring lugs to PowerPoles™. Ring connects to binding post on any power supplies, secure and safe from shorting out. 2 super-flex, 12 gauge, multi-strand soft red/black zip cord. 3’

MFJ-269C and MFJ-269CM SWR Analyzer Accessories
MFJ-39D MFJ Custom Carrying Case.
MFJ-99C 10-Pack SuperCell Ni-MH batteries & MFJ-1312D 110/220 VAC Power supply
MFJ-39DAC Has MFJ-39D custom Carrying Pouch for MFJ-269C/CM, MFJ-1312D power cube, and MFJ-66 dip coils.
MFJ-39DABC Pouch, Batteries, Coils, Power cube.
MFJ-92AA10 10-Pack AA SuperCell Rechargeable Ni-MH Batteries.
MFJ-66C Dip coil set 1.8-230 MHz. Turns MFJ-269C/CM into a dip meter.
MFJ-5510C 12 VDC Cigarette lighter adapter cord for using your MFJ SWR Analyzers on-the-road.
MFJ-7730 N-Male to SMA Female Adapter
MFJ-7731 N-Male to BNC Female Adapter

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