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MFJ-5904 - RF Design Box,Var Resistor/Cap Tester


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MFJ-5904 - RF Design Box,Var Resistor/Cap Tester
MFJ RF Design Box Variable Inductor/Capacitor Tester

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MFJ RF Design Box Variable Inductor/Capacitor Tester

This compact device places a wide range of patchable Land C values in your hands to solve virtuallyany HF tuning and matching problem. MFJ-5904 RF Design Box is one of those rare "must have" units, especially if you have an antenna analyzer!

After all, inductors and capacitors are fundamental building blocks for RF design. Imagine being able to build and test virtually any popular HF configuration in minutes without ever lifting a soldering iron!

No need for modeled predictions when you can connect a few patch leads and find
optimized values for absolute peak performance. Even try different network configurations to see which one is the best!

Here are just a few of the circuits you can assemble:

  • L-networks, T-networks, Pi-networks

  • Band-pass filters, Band-stop filters

  • Traps and reject Filters

  • Loading inductors

  • Shunt-L/C shunt-matching elements

  • Load Converters

  • Power Reducers

  • Q meter

  • Antenna-analyzer pre-selector

  • Selective field-strength meter

  • Ant. Tuners

MFJ-5904 is built for reliable portability with a compact molded case and high-quality jacks and controls. Best of all, each component is 300-watt ATU rated so you can put your designs to the test using a 100-Watt rig!

Two capacitor banks are continuously adjustable 12 pf to 912 pf plus a stepped
inductor that is adjustable 0.1 to 11.2 uH. Controls RF-isolated from the aluminum front panel for your safety, and you`ll get plenty of guidance from a professionally written and illustrated user`s manual.

Packed with loads of information and data to erase the "black magic" associated with RF design. This tremendous training tool will help you develop a true hands-on feel for how each type of RF tuned-circuit works.

Why spend hours soldering and lashing prototype circuitry together only to discover that something else might work better?

Let the RF-Design Box do it all for you in a matter of minutes. 7W x 3H x5 3/8D inches.

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