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MFJ-653 - Speech Articultor -Transmit Audio

MFJ-653 - Speech Articultor -Transmit Audio

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MFJ-653 hamProAudioTM Speech
ArticulatorTM greatly improves transmit
speech intelligibility for super punch!
Based on extensive speech
research, the MFJ-653 uses optimized frequency
shaping to concentrate the energy
in the band of frequencies where speech
intelligibility is concentrated. It also
removes powerful low frequencies that
overwhelms the important high frequencies
that carry intelligibility.

You can boost the highly intelligible band
of frequencies centered around 2 kHz by up
to 16 dB and gently remove the powerful, low
frequencies that have little intelligence. The
high-pass filters cutoffs are 1.1 kHz and 500 Hz.

Using a SSM-2166 broadcast industry
speech compression IC the MFJ-653 syllabic
compressor with its adjustable 15 to 1
compression ratio can nearly double your
RF output power with low distortion.

A highly effective noise gate (downward
expansion) with front panel level and delay
controls smoothly removes annoying background
noise picked up during speech pauses.

The results? You’ll be heard and understood.
Powerful, highly intelligible speech
gives you a commanding presence that
slices through DX clutter!

You can use any transceiver and with its
UniversalMicTM Interface, you can use
almost any microphone (high/low impedance,
dynamic and electret) with the MFJ-
653, regardless of whether or not the
microphone was designed for your particular

Microphone input jacks include a RJ45
modular, an 8 pin round and MFJs exclusive
programmable 3.5-mm. MFJ’s programmable
3.5 mm jack lets you use Heil
series, MFJ-393 boom-mic headphones or
even an inexpensive computer boom-mic
headset and provides phantom voltage
when needed.

An adjustable preamplifier lets you even
use low-level output microphones.
Compact size -- 5Wx13/4Hx43/4D inches.
Takes little room on your desk and small
enough to use mobile where you really need it.
Output cables to connect transceivers
with 8-pin round or 8-pin modular microphone
connectors are included.
Use 12 VDC or 110 VAC with optional
MFJ-1312D, $15.95 power supply.

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