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MFJ-9406X - 6 Meter SSB Tranaceiver with mic


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MFJ-9406X - 6 Meter SSB Tranaceiver with mic
The MFJ-9406X comes with both the MFJ-9406 and the MFJ-290 microphone.

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The MFJ-9406X comes with both the MFJ-9406 and the MFJ-290 microphone.

Work exciting 6 Meter DX from all over the world on ham radios "magic band"!

Its an adventure every time you turn on your MFJ-9406 six meter SSB transceiver. Distant stations come rolling in loud and clear with crystal clean armchair copy. You`ll have fun exploring exotic 50 MHz band openings -- Tropo, Sporadic E, F2, TE, Aurora, Meteor Scatter, and more.

Ragchew with locals, hunt down new grid squares from far-away places from home, car or mountain top.

Here`s what you get...

  • Full SSB/CW coverage: 50.0 - 50.3 MHz covers SSB, CW, propagation beacons.

  • Potent signal: 10 Watts PEP output. MFJs exclusive ConstantCurrent syllabic speech processing gives you up to 6 dB more punch to cut thru noise, fading, QRM.

  • Hot receiver: Crystal-mixed single conversion superhet with low-noise preamp digs deep into the noise to capture weak signals. If a station is there, youll hear it!

  • Easy to operate: No microprocessor mumbo jumbo ... just turn it on and tune in.

  • Low power drain: Mountain top all day on lightweight NiCad or operate from home on 110 VAC with MFJ-4110.

  • Great selectivity: Sharp HF proven crystal ladder filter reduces QRM & passband noise.

  • TVI protection: 7 element low pass filter knocks out TVI -- operate when you want to!

  • Real S0Meter: Give meaningful signal reports, accurately steer your beam, monitor speech processing.

  • Smooth tuning: Vernier reduction drive makes tuning precise and easy.

  • External amplifier: Jack provides a key line for activating 6 Meter amplifiers.

  • Built to last: Premium PC board, quality components, brushed-aluminum panel and tough vinyl clad case gives years of service.

  • Fully guaranteed: MFJs exclusive one year No Matter What warranty. We will repair or replace your MFJ-9406 for 1 full year.

The MFJ-9406 is also available, but does not come with the MFJ-290 microphone.

Key Specifications

Receiver Section

  • Frequency Coverage: 50.000-50.300 MHz

  • Receiver Type: Single-conversion Superhet

  • Frequency Control: Heterodyne VFO, low-side injection

  • IF Frequency: 10 MHz

  • IF Selectivity: -6 dB @ 2.5 KHz

  • AGC: Audio-derived, 70-dB dynamic range

  • Sensitivity: .15 uV for 12-dB S/N

  • Audio: 1-Watt into 8 Ohms at 10% THD

  • Average Rx Current: 60-mA, (S-meter lamp disabled)

Transmitter Section

  • RF Power Output: 10-Watts PEP

  • VSWR Tolerance: 3:1 VSWR maximum

  • Peak Tx Current: 2.0 A

  • Speech Enhancement: RF-compression, syllabic rate

  • Spurious Attenuation: 60-dB

  • CW Generation: 600-Hz tone (optional generator)

  • Mic Input: 600-Ohm dynamic

Also available is the MFJ-9402X and the MFJ-9410X

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