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QJE QJ1830SB (30AMP) Linear Power Supply Unit


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QJE QJ1830SB (30AMP) Linear Power Supply Unit
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QJE QJ1830SB 30AMP Linear Power Supply Unit

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QJE QJ1830SB 30AMP Linear Power Supply Unit



Key Features/Specifications:

  • Input Voltage: 220V

  • Output Voltage: 5-15V adjustable

  • Output Voltage fixed: 13.8VDC

  • Output current: 30A

  • Meter: LCD displays the supply voltage and current

  • Cigarette plug terminal: 10A (max)

  • Fuse: 5A

  • Protection: Short circuit and automatic current limiting over 30A

  • Dimensions: 300mm (W) X 150mm (H) X 240mm (L)

  • Weight: 9kg

Bar Code/EAN:
Great PSU.
I must admit I was a bit shocked at the size of it but does what it says on the tin, highly recommended. Review by Alan / (Posted on 03/12/2020)
Tidy PSU
It works well and does the job of providing power to my Yaesu 897. The 4 power connectors on the front, the 5A, 10A cigarette socket and the 30A screw on terminals are as standard as can be. Its face panel is clearly marked with lettering easily read and the green on black LED for power and amps are readable. The 5A plugs are standard and can cope with a backlight AMU for needle to be seen when working.

The red lettering on the black background of its panel gives it a 1980's Goth look. Maybe that is one reason I bought it. The fuse rating is 5A and is easily accessed by the front with a positional Phillips head screwdriver. The voltage regulator is easily turned and has a feel of resistence when turning it to lower or highten the voltage.

It is silent minus the fan which you will see below. It has stock feet that are wide compared to some others that are just stubs made of hard rubber as unlike my last one. If they are adjustable I have not tried that out yet as placing it on top of wooden shelf where my radio sits does not seem to require adjustments. It is just happy to sit there supplying power when needed.

Made from solid metal and a 1 metre cable for the 230V in gives it a good and workable adaption to the shack. The on and off switch on the right has a feel of it clunking on and off which in todays world of soft pressing buttons, it has the feel of 'this is turning on and you know it' type of feel.

The only downside is the fan. It seems noisy. It will kick in when you transmit and stay on for a minute or more. So if you are using the FT8 mode it will be constantly on. Maybe if they use a brushless motor then it might calm down the noise a lot more so it is less intrusive. Even when not using the power supply it can turn on and I keep thinking I may be suddenly transmitting. But it is the PSU fan. It would benefit from a quieter fan as it can drown out the audio from the radio quite well.

Conclusion: A Very good PSU for the money. It is a moderate shack power supply if you have one or two radios on and you are relaxing playing radio while monitoring another frequency. It is worth a buy and not boat anchor material. Review by Will / (Posted on 29/01/2019)