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Scanking Royal Discone 2000 25 To 2000 MHz Antenna


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Scanking Royal Discone 2000 25 To 2000 MHz Antenna

Generally regarded as the best all round discone antenna.

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Generally regarded as the best all round discone antenna. Not only does it cover 25-2000MHz on receive you can also transmit on 6/2/70 & 23cm - find any other antenna on the market that can do that !



Key Features/Specifications:

  • Type: Scanking Royal Discone 2000 Antenna

  • Frequency: RX 25-2000

  • Frequency: TX: 50-52/144-146/430-440/900-986/1240-1325 MHz

  • Gain: 4.5dBi over standard discone 

  • Length: 155cm

  • Mast: Upto 50mm

  • Radials: 8 X 83cm 8 X 29cm

  • Connection: N-type


Bar Code/EAN:
Excellent all rounder
I purchased this antenna for a couple of reasons.
1. To monitor the ham bands on my sdr radio
2. To have another antenna to transmit with

Vswr is excellent on some bands but not so good on others but it is a good compromise and i am getting 1:1 on 2m around the centre of the band and 1:2 on the rest. It is well made and looks like it will last a while but time will tell. I made sure I watertighted the connections for longevity.
Getting the clamps around the antenna pole was a night mare and had to use a rubber mallet to get them in place. I guess this is a good thing as I know its not going anywhere on my roof. Installation was simple and popped it on a 10 foot mast on the chimney. Works well on RX. It is a good compromise to a dedicated antenna as it is very wideband for what I use it for it is supurb. Only niggle was it was missing on of the ground plane legs but spoke to moonraker and they sent one in the post the very next day which was excellent service.
Good price and if you can get it as high as possible you will really be suprised of the results and signals you can pull in. For an antenna that can receive on such a wide spectrum and transmit on multiple bands for £50 whats not to like. Review by Dosformat / (Posted on 31/08/2017)
OK on Rx no good for Tx
Probably a good rx antenna (not fully installed yet) but very poor Tx. Antenna temporarily installed on 8m telescopic mast, VSWR too high on amateur bands. Measured performance of mine using SARK-110 antenna analyser and 20m of RG-58. In the final installation I will be using Ecoflex 10. The fact that the results are bad with RG-58 means that I expect them to be worse with the Ecoflex due to lower losses. My sample resonated at around 70 MHz, VSWR at 6m was around 7 or 8:1, 3 or 4:1 at 2m and no idea at 70 cms 23 cms as the SARK doesn't go that high.

The antenna can be made to resonate at 6m - it just needs a longer whip element. Operation on 2m and higher should be independent of the whip length but I haven't tested this yet.

As per the previous reviewer, an assembly sheet with stated performance parameters would be useful to know whether this is the perfomance to be expected or whether I have a dud. Review by Tango Delta / (Posted on 30/06/2014)
good all rounder on rx moderate vswr on tx except 50
good product using quality stainless steel and aluminium, nice it has an N type rather than so232. looks as if it will last a while...no problems on receive, similar gain to j poles I use on 2 and 70. Tx VSWR is ok on some bands and poor on others..50MHz the VSWR is too high to use, 23cm is a bit high too. but I guess most will use as a rx only antenna, and it does that well. ideal for use with my RTL SDR stick, which is the reason for its purchase. A better info sheet would be nice, For example if it listed the VSWR to be expected on each of the ham bands then I would know I had assembled it correctly..also no data on how long the arms should be etc...small gripe really.Good value.. Review by jollly roger / (Posted on 04/06/2014)