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AOR AR5700D Digital Communications Receiver


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AOR AR5700D Digital Communications Receiver
AOR AR5700D Digital Communications Receiver

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AOR’s AR5700D DIGITAL COMMUNICATIONS RECEIVER has been empowered with an amazing and unique new feature: A GSSI user group filtering function for trunked TETRA network reception!

The AR5700D is a 9kHz-3.7GHz high-performance communications receiver for commercial and governmental applications, such as wide-band signal detection, monitoring, voice decoding, digital I/Q recording and playback.

AR5700D is the world’s first communications receiver to be able to import, bookmark and name tag a Tetra network’s GSSI user group list, and to selectively decode its voice communications!

The AR5700D decodes many digital protocol signals such as TETRA (Direct mode, trunked mode with GSSI), DMR, NXDN (with 15bit descramble), D-STAR, DPMR, APCO 25, YAESU, ALINCO, D-CR, and of course receives traditional analog signals such as FM, FM-stereo, AM, synchronous AM, USB, LSB, CW, analog I/Q and FM video.

A power house of CPUs, DSPs and FPGAs!
The AR5700D is fitted with no less than four RENESAS SH2 CPUs, three ANALOG DEVICES Blackfin DSPs, one ANALOG DEVICES ADSP-2185 DSP, and four INTEL (ALTERA) Cyclon FPGAs for powerful signal processing, demodulation and decoding.


  • Frequency range 9kHz〜3.7GHz

  • Tuning steps 1Hz〜999.999kHz

  • Operation modes VFO (A〜E), memory channel, memory channel scan, select scan, program search, FFT search (cyber search), analog video demodulation Analog receive modes

  • Number of VFO’s 5

  • Memory channels 2000 (50 channels x 40 memory banks).

  • Banks customizable from 5 to 95 channels.

  • Priority channel 1

  • Select memory channels 100 (via memory banks)

  • Search banks 40 Pass frequencies 1230 (30 per memory bank + 30 for VFO search)

  • Typical scanning speed 100 channels / steps per second (for analog modes)

  • Temperature range 0℃〜+50℃ (32°F〜122°F)

  • Frequency stability 0.1ppm (after 5 min. warm-up) or 0.01ppm with optional GPS unit.

  • Power requirements DC10.7V〜16V (2.0A@12V)

  • Audio output >1.5W into 8Ω load

  • Current consumption Stand-by: Approx. 200mA, Max. audio: Approx. 1.8A

  • Grounding method Minus grounding

  • Dimensions Approx. 304mm(D) x 220mm(W) x 97mm(H) (excluding projections)

  • Weight Approx. 5kg 

Digital receive modes (encrypted signals not supported) FM, FM-stereo, AM, synchronous AM, USB, LSB, CW, analog I/Q, FM video.

  • D-STAR / GMSK / AMBE DV mode only.

  • YAESU / C4FM / AMBE+2 V/D narrow mode only.

  • ALINCO / GMSK / AMBE EJ47 (F1E) mode only.

  • D-CR / C4FM / AMBE+2. NXDN / C4FM / AMBE+2 6.25kHz mode only.

  • P25 Phase 1 / C4FM / IMBE Conventional mode only.

  • dPMR / C4FM / AMBE+2 Tier 1 only.

  • DMR / C4FMx2 / AMBE+2 Tier 1 and Tier 2 only.

  • TETRA direct mode (T-DM) / π/4 shift QPSK / ACELP.

  • TETRA traffic channel (T-TC) / π/4 shift QPSK / ACELP

About AOR Ltd.

AOR is a leading manufacturer of wideband hand-held and desktop radio receivers and related accessories, with headquarters in Japan. AOR supplies its products to the latest technical standards of the industry, since 1978. For over 40 years, AOR has been continuously introducing innovative radio receivers to all levels of the industry, such as radio amateurs, monitoring enthusiasts, radio communication professionals, law enforcement and governmental entities.

The radio is supplied with a universal Mains adapter working from 100V to 240V AC for worldwide operation.

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