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Uniden UBC-125XLT 25-960MHz Handheld Scanner


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Uniden UBC-125XLT 25-960MHz Handheld Scanner

Uniden UBC 125XLT is a quality handheld scanner in a stylish compact design.

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5 Reviews
Probably the best selling Handheld scanner Great performance at a budget price!

Uniden UBC 125XLT is a quality handheld scanner in a stylish compact design that is made ​​from robust materials. Uniden UBC 125XLT is designed for indoor and outdoor activities in the professional world. The programmed channels are grouped into 10 Banks with 50 channels in each. In this way Uniden UBC125XLT is very easy to use once the interesting frequencies are programmed. Uniden UBC 125XLT has Close Call and 10 preset frequency bands with e.g. Maritime, Air traffic, CB channels and PMR446 frequencies. This radio scanner also contains a wealth of opportunities to manually stop the scan, skip to the next active channel etc



Key Features/Specifications:

  • 500 Channels

  • Frequency bands:

    • 25-30 CB radio

    • 30-88 MHz Lav VHF Landmobile radio

    • 108-138 MHz Air traffic

    • 138-174 MHz VHF landmobile radio

    • 225-512 MHz UHF landmobile radio

    • 806-960 MHz UHF public services

  • 10 search band

  • 10 Banks (Storage space for channels)

  • Close Call function

  • Channels number: 500

  • Scan speed: 90 step/sec.

  • Banks: 10

  • Receiver sensitivity: 0,3 µV

  • IF rejection: 80dB

  • Antenna: 50 Ohm

  • Audio output: 360mW in 24 Ohm

  • Power supply: 2xAA batteries. 3V DC

  • 2 NiMH batteries enclose.

  • USB Jack: For charging and data.

  • Power supply with EU and UK plug

  • Size: WxDxH 67x33x115 mm

  • Weight: 175 g

Bar Code/EAN:
Nice radio
I like the radio
Review by smith / (Posted on 02/10/2020)
My most used scanner
My go to scanner great for indoor and outdoor, lots of great features for price and good frequency range, clear sound, great for airports and military bands. Review by David 26CT3235 / (Posted on 03/12/2019)
a great scanner for first time users or seasoned people, easy to program, get a case to protect, get some spare rechargables, it will be always by your side :) Review by dave / (Posted on 08/03/2019)
a great scanner for those getting into scanning and a great back up for those who already do, get a case and some spare batterys, you will use it all the time Review by just dave / (Posted on 08/03/2019)
Capable but easy to use scanner that excells at airband scannig (mil+civ)
Considering that there isn't too much to listen to that is analogue in 2019 apart from both civilian and military aircraft this scanner is pretty much all you need. I bought it to listen to aircraft and perhaps the marine band if I am near the sea.

The gaps in it;s coverage miss out the broadcasting and mobile phone bands in the UK, so not much to miss out one there.

I have been walking about with close call active in town for a couple of days and have had hardly any hits apart from pager type noises. This is mainly because there aren't many transmissions to listen now. This is not because close call isn't very good. It works superbly.

I did pick up outside broadcasting radio mic links from the local racecourse.

However connected to my "real" antenna in the attic, I have already had a few hits on the military airband already. A first for me as my old scanner was a pain to use in that band, stopping on every little squeak. This one can scan all day in the mil air band untended and still get hits, which my old one hardly ever managed to do.

For me those mil-air hits are already worth what I paid for it and I can't wait top try it out at air displays in the coming season. I expect it will work superbly.

Save your money on that fancy high end scanner unless you really need a specialist radio for digital comms or perhaps to provide a discriminator output for SDR. This one is very nice little scanner at a good price and it pretty straight forward to use and program using a PC USB link. There is even some free software available that I think is better than the official package Uniden want you to use. Review by Gareth / (Posted on 05/03/2019)