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Bonito AntennaJet ASM300 Active Antenna Switch and Mixer


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Bonito AntennaJet ASM300 Active Antenna Switch and Mixer

The AntennaJet ASM 300 is a USB-controlled Active Antenna Switch and Mixer 9kHz - 300MHz

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PC-Controlled 3-Way Antenna Switch & Mixer

With the AntennaJet ASM 300, we add another component to our supplies of receiving equipment. It is USB-controlled and you can connect up to three different receiving antennas from 9 kHz - 300 MHz loss-free to one output socket.

Additionally, you can combine all three input channels according to your needs. They are then connected in phase to the output socket. Thus you can always find the best combination of antennas when receiving conditions are bad.

Because there are no mechanical components like relays, the switching of the channels is done electronically by using active elements. So above average intermodulation values (IP3:+40 dBm at 7MHz typical) and extremely high insulation values are achieved.  The electronics are installed in strong aluminum profile housing.

The HF-inputs are BNC and are protected against short and pulse-shaped voltage surges with complex ESD protection circuits. Because the voltage supply is integrated via USB, you do not need an additional power supply, which make the ASM300 ideal for portable operation.



Key Features/Specifications:


  • Input Frequency range: 9 kHz - 300 MHz (-1dB)

  • Input socket/Impedance: BNC/50 Ohm (DC-blocked max.50V) ESD input protection: 30kV; max. Pulse power 350 W (8/20µ) Max allowed input power=0dBm

  • Insertion loss: 0dBm

  • Output sockets/Impedance: BNC/50 Ohm () DC -blocked max. 50V)

  • Insulation between the inputs:80dB type<0.3 MHz

  • Insulation between output and input: 110dB typ< 0.3MHz

  • Amplitude frequency response (300 KHz -300 MHz): max- 1dB typ.

  • Amplitude difference of the outputs: max. 0.5dBtyp.

  • 3rd order Intercept point: +40dBm typ<10MHz +20dBm typ.>100MHz

  • Power connector: USB-B socket

  • Power consumption: max. 50mA (5V DC)

  • Temperature range: 0-40 °C (without condensation)

  • Size/Weight: 103x90x32 mm/0.30 Kg

  • Conformity: CE

  • Standard accessories: USB A/B cable (shielded cable with ferrite cores)

  • The appropriate control software will be put at your disposal for Windows 8, 7, Vista and Windows XP.

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