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Scarlett Warrior Mobile CB Antenna


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Scarlett Warrior Mobile CB Antenna
Mobile Antennas

The original and probably still one of the best performing antenna's of all time

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Regular Price: £22.99

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The original and probably still one of the best performing antenna's of all time



Key Features/Specifications:

  • Type: Base loaded CB antenna  

  • Frequency: 25-30MHz

  • Length: 190cm

  • VSWR: 1.5:1 or better  

  • Power: 1000 Watts 

  • Fitting: Standard 3/8th thread 

Bar Code/EAN:
Scarlett warrior
I’ve tried moonrakers other aerials the tornado and the 1980 Oscar aerial the Scarlett warrior has beat them all for distance in bringing in the copies on cb Review by Skully / (Posted on 10/09/2020)
scarlett warrior
Bloody amazing. Review by The Pharoah / (Posted on 30/03/2019)
scarlet warrior
This antenna is absolutely phenomenal. An SWR of 1:0 and the pulling power of Johnny Depp !!! The colour is somewhat bright but hey it's a talking point. The price doesn't reflect the build quality or the performance of this antenna. It has regularly pulled in signals from as far as 50 miles mobile to mobile fm and USB is amazing while mobile. Thank you Moonraker. I thoroughly recommend this to anyone. Give it a try. You wont be disappointed.

Steve "The Pharaoh" Review by The Pharoah / (Posted on 30/03/2019)
The ''Best'' by test..
I have tried all the big names in mobile antennas and recently i have used a sirio PL5000 and a president Texas High power but neither of them come close to the Scarlet Warriors ability to DX. Not quite sure what the difference is between them all but I would not hesitate to recommend this Antenna to anybody looking to buy a top performing mobile antenna 'Period',Great value too! Review by Anthony / (Posted on 02/07/2015)
Scarlett warrior antenna
This has got to be the best CB antenna out there I have had loads of different antenna's over the years and this is the one I stayed with in it's origional form nothing could toouch it & now it is just as good. I put a ground plane tristar to improve angle of take off a big differance. This has been tested to be broadbanded with SWR 1.1 even with high power .Worked all over the world on both CB & ham bands with great success even with a 4watt limit you WILL achieve unthinkable distances Review by John / (Posted on 14/12/2013)