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DISCONTINUED SQBM100N MkII Dual Band 2/70 Vertical (NTYPE)


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DISCONTINUED SQBM100N MkII Dual Band 2/70 Vertical (NTYPE)

This is a high quality GRP antenna - built to last ..... Diamond quality - Moonraker pricing !


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This is a high quality GRP antenna - built to last ..... Diamond quality - Moonraker pricing ! This model is made of fibre glass construction, pre-tuned and fully weatherproofed. Mast mounting brackets are included.



Key Features/Specifications:

  • Type: Fibreglas vertical colinear  

  • Transmitt frequency: 144-146 & 430-440MHz 

  • Receive frequency: 25-2000MHz

  • Gain: 2m 3.0dBd 70cm 6.0dBd

  • Length: 100cm 

  • VSWR: 1.5:1 or better  

  • Power: 150 Watts

  • Connection: N-Type socket

  • RADIALS: 3 X 17cm

  • MK2 Version with wideband receive !!

Bar Code/EAN:
Terrific antenna
Earlier this year, I moved from a house with a garden to a flat with no outside grounds. Fortunately there is a large roof-space above me and I decided to set up my 2m/70cm antenna in the loft, but my old Diamond X-300 wouldn't fit - it was about a foot too long. I saw Moonraker's ad for their SQBM100N and searched the web for a review and found a very complimentary report from another UK ham on e-Ham. The antennas specs say the gain is very close to the X-300 and I was hoping I'd not get too much attenuation from the roof tiles so, after double-checking the dimensions I ordered it, and it arrived the next day.

It was well packed and the box contained the antenna and all the hardware for clamping it to a vertical mast or stub pole - I didn't need that, but utilised part of the clamp to fix the base to a rafter. Sadly, the instructions were in "Chinglish" and took a bit of thinking about but - Hey - I'm a Ham, not a CB-er! It wasn't that hard. The quality of the antenna is very good, with radials that look better designed (and less likely to strip their threads) than the old X-300, and the join mid-way up the fibreglass housing was solid and well made (weatherproof! Though that isn't an issue in my case)

Once installed, I checked it with my analiser and the best resonance was a little below the 2m and 70cms bands (probably due to the proximity of the top end to the roof truss) but broad enough to give a decent SWR anyway so I decided to leave trimming the radiator until later - I wanted to get on the air! After a lot of messing to fit an N-connector to my Mini-RG8 coax, the cable was run to my operating position and tried with both my Wouxun 950 and my FT-857 (the latter being somewhat fussy about SWR, but the analiser had shown the rig-end of the cable to give a very similar result as the antenna end - as it should be, and the 857 seems happy.

On the air, there was no problem with my local 2m repeater a mile or so away, so next thing was the GB3MP repeater at a distance of around 50 miles for the "morning net". Good reports were received and the repeater came in to me at about the same S-Meter reading as it did with the old X-300 on a short mast outdoors at the previous QTH (I only moved about a mile, and at the same height above sea level) so pretty impressive! I also got good reports through the Liverpool 70cms repeater that had been problematic with the old set-up, and made contacts through several other repeaters, both VHF and UHF.

Overall, the antenna gives me good performance, at a great price, and I am delighted with it, as well as the level of Customer Service at Moonraker in advising me on fitting that darned N-connector to my coax!
I also accessed a couple more 2m and Review by G3OCR / (Posted on 09/08/2015)

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