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SQBM500P MkII Dual Band 2/70 Vertical Super Gainer (SO239)

Product Review (submitted on 13 October 2019):
I have had this mounted 4m high for the last two months. I use both Yaesu FT-65E and FT-70D through a 10 watt amp. I am surrounded closely by hills on three sides. This antenna is superb, I am able to get into Wiltshire, Devon and Cornwall repeaters over 50miles away. What prompted me to write this..... Last night I was asked if I could go to the Liskeard repeater, 82 miles from me, I quickly set the 65E and had a QSO clear and strong.

The build quality is excellent, it is solid and the fittings are there to last. You won't find a higher gain antenna for double the price. Thanks Moonraker!