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Tecsun PL-600 Portable Receiver


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Tecsun PL-600 Portable Receiver
Desk Top & Portable

This NEW fully featured portable world band radio, with SSB reception, keeps you in with the action from Long Wave , Shortwave, to FM Broadcast !

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  • ◆ATS FUNCTION: Automatically search and store the FM/mid-wave radio frequency. The unit can store up to 600 radio frequencies, including 100 storage locations for both ATS and your most frequently used radio frequencies.

  • ◆HIGH SENSITIVITY, WIDE SELECTIVITY: High/medium/low 3 sensitivity control, which can improve the reception of strong signals and weak signal stations. Can receive FM stereo, MW, LW, international SW broadcast and SW single sideband (SSB) communication signals.

  • ◆INTELLIGENT CHARGING: Can be powered by Ni-MH rechargeable battery, with intelligent power supply and intelligent display lighting function.

  • ◆USER-FRIENDLY OPERATION: It has a very practical multi-function digital adjustment knob, which can be used to set the time, adjust the frequency, and select the storage page and address.

  • ◆IN-PACKAGE: 1*PL-600 radio, 1*External antenna, 1*Stereo headphones, 1*Protective cover, 1*Manual, 1*Power adapter

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I am in the unfortunate position to be living in a residential complex, that doesn't allow outside radio antennas to be put up on their property, and my "LOVELY" neighbours all appear to own high powered powerline telecommunications adapters, that are constantly wiping out my reception on the longwave, mediumwave and the shortwave bands, so i either have to listen to that racket, or switch over to the V H.F. broadcast band. This radio has the potential to become a classic, especially on the V.H.F. broadcast band, but they need to sort out the horrendous single sideband issues, because upper sideband sounds like people are gargling with a large bottle of T.C.P, and lower sideband will not tune in, 99 percent of the time. Review by BROADBAND INTERFERENCE IS DESTROYING OUR HOBBY! / (Posted on 05/12/2019)
Why spend a thousand quid or more on a boat anchor, when you can put one of these in your pocket? Okay, it's not perfect, but for the money, i can't really complain, but the B.F.O. issue on lower sideband is unforgivable, because it will not resolve these kind of signals, 99 percent of the time, but in upper sideband mode it rocks! as it does on the V.H.F. broadcast band, and on shortwave in general. Mediumwave reception is also stellar, with the help of Tecsun's mediumwave loop antenna, which can be inductively coupled to the radio, so overall, it's a pretty good piece of kit, especially at this price point! Review by BROADBAND INTERFERENCE IS DESTROYING OUR HOBBY! / (Posted on 28/11/2019)