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USED AOR ARD-9800 Digital Voice Interface With Mic


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USED AOR ARD-9800 Digital Voice Interface With Mic
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USED AOR ARD-9800 Digital Voice Interface With Mic

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The AOR ARD9800 Digital Voice and Image Interface lets you explore the world of digital communications with your existing transceiver.

This device uses the same audio frequencies (300 - 2500 Hz) as microphone audio. The open published (G4GUO) digital protocol means use of the ARD9800 is permitted on the U.S. amateur bands. The ARD9800 automatically recognizes incoming digital signals and starts decoding those signals immediately. Enjoy near-FM quality audio using SSB!

And the best news is that you keep your ability to communicate in conventional analog mode as you can easily shift between digital and analog operation. No rig modifications are required. You simply make connection to your transceiver's mic input and speaker output. There is a speaker built into the top cover.

Adjust the level via the front panel. 

With an optional VM9800 memory module you can send photos or captured video images quickly and easily. View the images through any NTSC monitor [not supplied] that has video input. Just like SSTV but better! Requires 12 VDC at 200 mA. Comes with hand mic, cables and manual.

Key Specifications

  • Modulation Method:OFDM (Orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing)

  • Bandwidth:300 Hz to 2500 Hz, 36 carriers

  • Symbol Rate:20 ms (50 baud)

  • Guard Interval:4 ms

  • Tone Steps:62.5 Hz

  • Modulation Method:36 carriers DQPSK (3.6k)

  • AFC:± 125 Hz

  • Error Correction Voice:Golay + Hamming

  • Error Correction Video/Data:Covolution + Reed-Soloman

  • Header:1 Sec. 3 tones + BPSK training pattern for synchronization.

  • Digital Voice:AMBE2020 coder, decoder

  • Signal Detection:Automatic detection and switching between analog and mode and digital mode.

  • Video Compression:AOR original adaptive JPEG

  • Video:NTSC Input/Output

  • Serial Port:RS-232C, 9600 bps, asynchronous

  • Power Requirement:10 to 16 V DC (200 ma at 12 V DC)

  • Connectors:Radio: Microphone Output, PTT Push Speaker: Input Video In/Out NTSC 1V p-p (75 ohm)

  • Switches:Analog/Digital Switch Video capture/transmit switch

  • Size:100x32x158 mm

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